Apr 22 2015

Ralph Pucci’s Mannequins

Can mannequins be a work of art and exhibited as such? In MAD Museum, it can.

Heval Okçuoğlu

What is beyond mannequins?  Renowned New York-based designer Ralph Pucci can answer that question effortlessly. Widely regarded for his innovative approach to the familiar form of the mannequin, Pucci’s ‘The Art of the Mannequin’ exhibition is the first museum exhibition to explore the work. Having collaborated with luminaries such as Diane von Furstenberg, Patrick Naggar, Anna Sui, Isabel and Ruben Toledo and Christy Turlington, Pucci’s mannequins not only expand the parameters of this ubiquitous sculptural form, but also reflect major cultural trends of the past three decades.

The Art Of Showcasing

As Pucci was building his business in the 1970s, the notion of the “super model”—the living mannequin with a personality—emerged. Pucci captured this catalytic moment in his work, finding inspiration from sources as varied as Greek and Roman statues and the performance costumes of the New York Dolls. The exhibition includes over 30 of Pucci’s most important mannequins, as well as an in-gallery recreation of his sculpture studio. Renowned designers Isabel and Ruben Toledo reinvented the entire Tiffany Jewelry Gallery as an imaginary moonscape. Inspired by the first mannequin Ruben created for Ralph Pucci, the surrealist jewelry form, “Birdland,” the gallery contains barren undulating hills and valleys punctuated with half bird/half female mannequin forms. His ‘Diane von Furstenberg’ and ‘Olympic Gold’ mannequin will also be at display among others.

The exhibition can be seen until August 30th.