Aug 24 2015

‘Open air’ Başka Sinema

Leave the end of summer sadness aside. The open air cinema days are starting today and continuing till the end of September.

Itır Yıldız

The last days of summer are the most precious ones: Sea runaways, travel plans and festivals. The melting hot leaves its place to an enjoyable breeze to the ones in the city. September will leave us before we could even fulfill ourselves. This year, late summer days have a surprise for the ones in İstanbul. Başka Sinema, bringing independent films and film lovers together since 2 years, presents an open-air cinema program for us to sit on the grass and enjoy.

10 movies chosen by Başka Sinema, will be presented at the arts and culture area Uniq İstanbul, which includes the Volkswagen Arena. Until 24th of September each Thursday and Sunday will be delighted with movies. The tickets are being sold for the movies starting at 21.00.  The program starts on this Sunday 23rd of September with ‘Selma to Montgomery March’ and continues with the selection of these movies:


Leviathan – 27.08.2015, Thursday

The movie presents in a mature way, the struggle of one person against the authority. Golden Globe Award for the Best Foreign Language Film and Best Scenario Award at Cannes Film Festival are only two of the awards the movie got last year. Leviathan, to return from most of the festivals with ‘the best movie’ award, was in first 5 nominees of ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ at the Oscars.

But This is Müzeyyen, a Deep Passion – 30.08.2015, Sunday

As Arif describes himself, he is ‘a writer who has no books published’. He mets Müzeyyen at such a time period where he was trying to understand women and love. Arif is sick of woman demanding things from him but Müzeyyen is way different.

Samba – 03.09.2015, Thursday

Samba, who came to France with the hope of a better life, struggles working in low income jobs until one day she is about to be deported due to a missing document. Whereas Alice ended up in the immigration and naturalization services as a consequence of a depression.


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A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence – 06.09.2015, Sunday

The film presents two travelling merchants, as if the Don Quixote and Sancho Panza of the modern times. The past, future and today are questioned by and absurd understanding and reflected on a realist basis. The movie reminds us the glory of life, intensity of mankind and humor inside each and every one of use, just like a pigeon sat on a branch observing us.

I Have an Objection – 10.09.2015, Thursday

There is a murder at the mosque where Selman Bulut works as an imam. He as the imam starts investigating the case instead of the careless police. Where the ways in which the imam solves the mystery are as unique as Selman Bulut himself.

Pride – 13.09.2015, Sunday

England of 1984 is under control of the conservative policies of Margaret Thatcher. Homosexuals are the main group of people to suffer under this political atmosphere. There is one more group that suffers as much: the miners. Are these two very different groups going to be able to help eachother?

Rio, I Love You – 17.09.2015, Thursday

After ‘Paris, Je t’Aime’ and ‘New York, I Love You’ the series continue in Rio. The cast of the film is full of stars and the story is about 10 different directors in love with Rio.

Citizenfour – 20.09.2015, Sunday

The Oscar winner film has more than 40 awards and is considered to be one of the most important movies of the 21st century. The film looks more like a thriller movie from the reallife instead of being a documentary. The high order CIA analyzer Snowden, presents the documents proving that American National Security Counsel violates the right of privacy, to the press in front of live cameras. Poitras and Greenwald, follow this devoted act of Snowden, which will change the flow of his entire life.

Best in Bed – 24.09.2015, Thursday

Emma was a very successful, self satisfied and willing businesswoman. Not anymore. After a series of unsuccessful one-night stands, she believes that there is a big problem. Now, her only aim is to becoming the best in the bed.

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