Feb 02 2016

Bar Basquiat

Amsterdam’s new favorite inspired by artist Jean‑Michel Basquiat , is almost as creative as him, with pieces from the artist’s poems and work.

Leyla Hazal Çetin

Eastern side of Amsterdam, can be considered as the Meatpacking District, is newly developing and highly popular. Bar Basquiat, obviously inspired by the artist Jean‑Michel Basquiat, is already the star of the street it is on, Javastraat. With the cultural and demographic variety, you can see Turkish doner houses and even Moroccan butcher shops with their unique styles at the East part of the city. Moreover, the street names, such as Javastraat, Sumatrastraat and Molukkenstraat, are islands from Indonesia.

The Dutch design studio Modijefsky, created a very American diner for Bar Basquiat. The moment you enter the bar, the red ceiling, pink tiles and the LED lighting creates an atmosphere combining the modernity of New York with the colors of Basquiat. The use of harshness by metal furniture and bare plywood create a contrast with the warmness of the colors. The bar, settling in an old supermarket, has corresponding parts such as the bar counter, which was the former butcher.

While the vintage chairs remind us of 80s, it is impossible not to remember the work of Basquiat. The white paint dripping on the red ceiling, references to the artist, his quotes and poems on the mirrors come together with the choice of color to create a huge Basquiat collage.

This bar is artsy not only with its cocktails but also the breakfast! The options range from granola and yogurt to countless choices from the egg menu. The far-east breeze comes from the noon menu including the Peking duck and falafel. The ones having plans of visiting Amsterdam should note!,


Photo Credit: Studio Modijefsky (Design) and Maarten Willemstein (photography)