Mar 25 2015

Beware of Figure!

Thanks to street art that breathes life into the cities of today with lively figures. Charles Levalet’s imagination makes us smile about his wit and humour.

Itır Yıldız

Empty billboard, mashed beverage can, public phones, peeled off walls... every single detail that an ordinary passer-by may ignore come to alive in the hands of the artist Charles Levalet. Each animal and human figure comes as a surprise for Parisians, making them smile about his witty references. Characters usually interact with their environment and the architecture they are pasted on, and they are deployed in an absurd and a humorous way.

Both inside and outside

Born in 1988 in Epinal, Levalet met urban culture and visual arts in Guadeloupe, the city where he grew up. Studied visual arts in Strasbourg. Since 2012 his works have been taking place in the streets of Paris. He has since participated in numerous exhibitions including several solo shows and participated in several international collective exhibitions. For more information, visit his website.