Jul 27 2015

10 Most Stylish Movies

Bringing together the best films with the best style.

Su Sonia Herring

Whether it’s one of the classics from the past or the cult films of the 90’s; cinema is bursting with inspiration as always. The rugged looks of 50’s bad boys, innocent schoolgirls of Sofia Coppola and early French New Wave’s pixie girls… Here are some of the best destinations of the cinematic style map.


À bout de souffle, 1960 / Jean-Luc Godard

Patricia Franchini, the American working in Paris for the European edition of the New York Herald Tribune played by Jean Seberg in the 1959 film, became an icon with her Breton stripes, pixie haircut and black eyeliner. Don’t forget the cat eye frames and ballet pumps.

Drive, 2011 / Nicolas Winding Refn

Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2011 feature film is already in the hall of fame of stylish movies thanks to the heavy 80’s vibes throughout the dark ordeal. Ryan Gosling’s character's leather driving gloves, tortoise shell sunglasses, old-school Levi’s denim pants and jackets and finally the silk bomber jacket has inspired many.

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The Virgin Suicides, 1999 / Sofia Coppola

Think 70’s and every single trend of the times; denim flares, lace and floral maxi dresses, kitten heels and long long hair. Sofia Coppola’s 2000 film and the innocent style of the Lisbon sisters are still influencing the fashion world (see Rodarte and Coppola collaborator Marc Jacobs).

A Clockwork Orange, 1971 / Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film and the look of the Droogs has influenced not just fashion but pop culture deeply. The cane, the derby hats, white on white look accompanied by white suspenders and of course the eye make-up of Malcolm McDowell’s Alex… No wonder Jean Paul Gaultier said this movie changed his life.

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Pulp Fiction, 1994 / Quentin Tarantino

Suit up or go for the casual 90’s, with Tarantino’s 1994 film’s wardrobe, you can’t do wrong. Apart from the obvious pop culture influencing bob of Mia Wallace and suits of ‘the guys’, even the characters with less screen time have a thing or two to say about style. Denim shirts, punk band t-shirts, floral dresses and bomber jackets to name a few.

The Wild One, 1953 / László Benedek

Many biker films came and went since The Wild One, but Laslo Benedek’s 1953 film starring Marlon Brando is the one which made a lasting impact. The Black Rebels Motorcycle Club’s members inspired Elvis Presley’s side burns and the Perfecto-style leather motorcycle jackets that are now the signature piece of a classic rebel.

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Annie Hall, 1977 / Woody Allen

We may have to thank Diane Keaton for this one. The actress stuck to her personal style even when the 1977 film’s costume designer said it was too ‘crazy’ and unusual. After the movie was out, the menswear craze hit instantly, with ladies wearing bowler hats, ties, blazers and vests and owning it.

Fight Club, 1999 / David Fincher

The colorful wardrobe of the imaginary Tyler Durden, the greyscale choices of the real Durden and of course unforgettable and cool choices of Marla Singer makes Fight Club one of the most stylish movies for both boys and girls. Just don’t forget to add a bit of crazy if you’re going to channel their looks.

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Paris Is Burning, 1990 / Jennie Livingston

There’s style and then there’s rule-breaking style; as seen in the 1980’s award-winning documentary exploring the drag balls of New York. So think glamour, sparkle, make up and lots of vogueing (before it was a thing) to go along with it.

Kids, 1995 / Larry Clark

On its 20th anniversary the story’s realness is still relevant and the fashion is too. With the raging comeback the 90’s made in the recent years, it’s hard to miss all the denim, crop tops and sneakers as some style inspiration for today.

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