Jul 01 2013

Fellini, The Exhibition

EYE Film Institute of Amsterdam presents a major exhibition in the memory of the Italian director Federico Fellini 20 years after his death.

Itır Yıldız

A life on cinema spanning 40 years from the 50s to 90s... Such an influential man he is that he contributes with the terms ‘Fellinian’ or ‘Fellinisque’ to the way the ‘fantastic and exaggerated’ works of art are interpreted. EYE Film Institute shining out with sophisticated and all-round art facilities in Amsterdam presents a major exhibition in the memory of the great director 20 years after his death.

Started on the 30th of June and going to be on display till September 22, the exhibition is arranged as a visual laboratory. We travel to the roots of this 5-Academy-Awards-winner’s imagination and creativity, and search for the hints about how he breaks the linear structure in his films. The principal elements of the exhibition are the fragments from his films, drawings, advertising films, and the numerous images from his dreams that inspired him.  The very personal starting points in his way of handling his culture and the man itself ‘as they are’ invite us to an enjoyable discovery of the source of surreal elements frequently used by him. Emerging out of his own movies, drawings, photoghraphs, it seems that he has been in never-ending nourishment process along with his youth, dreams and the stories his subconscious created. It is an intellectual feast leading the audience to the new interpretations all the time. 

It is important to note that the exhibition is accompanied by ‘All is Fellini’ programme. It includes the director’s complete film retrospective from Luci del varietà (1950) to La voce della luna (1990), lectures, round-table discussions, and interviews.


Curator: Sam Stourdzé & EYE
Exhibition designer: Claus Wiersma
Graphic designer: Joseph Plateau
With collaboration and support from Fondation Fellini pour le Cinéma (Sion, Switzerland) ve Fondazione Federico Fellini (Rimini, Italy).