Feb 11 2016

Helmut Newton

His pencil was a camera, and his paper was women. Another masterpiece from maestro of photography: Helmut Newton; Pages from the Glossies.

Zeynep Gür

When he told his dad that he wanted to be a photographer, his dad responded, “You will end up in the streets”. Also when feminism grew violent during 70s, his nude photographs attracted feminists’ attention. Beyond all, he was color blind, but all of these obstacles were never enough to stop him. As a matter of fact he hold on to his job passionately.

Yes, we are talking about photography genius Helmut Newton! His worthwhile photographs were published in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Queen. His biggest legacy to humankind is his photographs that he left behind. Reality concept is so noticeable at his shots. We follow him scouting models, setting up a shot with the captain of a nuclear submarine, collaborating with Anna Wintour, and negotiating between different cultural attitudes towards the nude. It was beyond the eroticism, full of danger, fetishism and sexuality. Nastassja Kinski, Paloma Picasso, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Pierre Cardin, Naomi Campbell, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova were some of the celebrities that posed for him.

Helmut Newton is one of the best photographers of 20th century. One of his loyal admirers Taschen -after publishing ‘Sex & Landscapes’, ‘World without Men’ and ‘Helmut Newton SUMO’ books- is now ready to introduce ‘Pages from the Glossies’. His unforgettable and prestigious shots are gathered in this precious book including pages from Elle, Amica, Queen, Stern and Vogue. Helmut Newton’s daring attitude and one-of-a-kind perspective is fully reflected in the book. Stories behind those stable photographs comes to light. In the front page nuclear submarine’s sexy captain Anna Wintour shows up. While you are turning the pages of ‘Pages from the Glossies’ you can see Newton’s valiant attitude towards nude photography on and on.

Photography genious...

For the first time, the Helmut Newton Foundation will present enlargements of the single- and double-paged images in Pages from the Glossies. They include the original headlines, page numbers, commentary, and captions from the magazines they originally appeared in. This Berlin exhibition remains true to its source, showcasing more than 230 magazine pages and nearly 500 individual pictures. The reprints of Newton's fashion shots are chronologically arranged throughout the exhibition spaces. Visitors will recognize not only the changes in the photographer's visual language over time, but also the shifting role of women in western society since the 1950s. Depicting women in ways that were sometimes radical yet always elegant, Helmut Newton was often a step ahead of the zeitgeist, and influenced it over the decades.

The exhibition can be seen till 22th of May in Helmut Newton Foundation.