Dec 13 2013

Hey Joe

The last installment of Lars Von Trier’s triology, Nymphomaniac, offers a breathy rendition of the classic ‘Hey Joe’ cover from Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck.

Heval Okçuoğlu

The best thing out of Denmark or the weirdest one? One thing is certain, he surely knows how to garner attention. Lars Von Trier’s last installement of his infamous triology, Nymphomaniac, steps up his controversy game with leaked photographs, teasers and mini videos. Now everybody's talking about the recent feature film, not only because it is the last installement of his controversial triology, but also because it features the directors ultimate muse and Serge Gainsbourg's and Jane Birkin's love child Charlotte Gainsbourg.
As of today, there's one extra reason to love the movie, it features a sexy version of classic track 'Hey Joe', made famous by Jimi Hendrix, sung by Miss Gainsbourg herself and produced by her friend Beck.  It’s a breathy  blues interpretation, and you can definitely hear Beck in the bass parts and choral flourishes.

Listen the track here, exclusively featured on Pitchfork.