Nov 19 2014

Meeting with ‘Pasha’

Let’s avoid the troubles of daily routine a bit. Pasha waits for those who like to escape to the peace of nostalgia. ‘İşte Benim Zeki Müren’ exhibition displays 10 thousand photos.

Itır Yıldız

Does he need to be described? If we attempt to define him, how can we put it in order? He was a superstar with his songs, performances, costumes, movies, and a guest to every single house; an accompanist to each raki table; a true friend and a muse for the members of every single generation who lived and still live from the 50s to these days.

‘İşte Benim Zeki Müren’ exhibition which was opened in collaboration with Yapı Kredi Private Banking and Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat Yayıncılık offers an insight into the life of the ‘sun of classical Turkish music’ from his childhood to last days. 10 thousand photos along with his own patterns, costumes, records, poems, notes and videos will be on display at Yapı Kredi Kültür Merkezi until 15th January. A must-see event for the naive generations who ‘come together in dreams’.