Nov 27 2015

‘Architectural’ speakers: Philharmonia

Jean Nouvel’s unparalleled architectural flair has created a new sound system.

Melda Göktuğ Şallı

The new, spectacular concert hall Philharmonie de Paris is one of the best in its field with its design by Jean Nouvel and excellent acoustic characteristics. The unique architectural structure is also the muse for a collaboration between French audio brand Amadeus and the Pritzker awarded architect. Bearing Jean Nouvel’s touch in its design, the high-end Philharmonia speakers open a new page in both technology and aesthetics. The system, which is comprised of 547 wood veneers; is the product of work by Michel Deluc, Amadeus’ director of R&D and Jean Nouvel. The structure provides the speakers with a distinguished look as well as smooth and accurate acoustics. The system employs high definition sound technology and combines the specifications developed by the company with more than 35 years of experience for the prestigious recording studios, with ‘crossed structure’ of aircraft manufacturing processes, particularly wing design. The curves, like the ones in Philharmonie de Paris, enchant eyes and ears at the same time in the latest audiophile discovery.