Apr 26 2016

Unexpected Fashion Snap!

A second wave following a month of fashion weeks: Marie Valognes, the creator of the brand Mise En, offers a double-sided freedom by creating a dialogue between two pictures.

Zeynep Gür

Models’ every step on runway shows has an equivalent in arts and photography. Perhaps it is only because the word ‘fashion’ itself won’t fit in runway shows because it is a pretty big idea. Everything aside, whether ‘fashion’ is an art or not, it is a total inspirer for sure. 

The artist and photographer Maria Valognes who disagreed with us, brings people face to face with the sculptures. Turning a sausage (reference of Dalston's TFC) into a Vetements look, dried algae (from Big Sur) into Yohji Yamamoto. "I got the idea last season," she explains. “In my practice (as a photographer), I love doing still-lifes, though there isn't always a way to find room for them. It’s interesting for me to make these visual associations in objects... they sort of bounce off each other and in this case it’s particularly fun to do and share" she tells.


"The colours and materials, they remind me of accessories to wash with." – Marie Valognes on Gucci


"I was inspired by the outfit's deconstruction, and the fabric breaking away." – Marie Valognes on Marques’Almeida


"It’s like what happens at the end of a dinner, when objects get mixed up on the table. So the still life translation is more abstract/random." – Marie Valognes on Noir Kei Neinomiya


"The elements of the whole look seemed to all be part of each other, like a whole sentence expressed with just the one symbol." – Marie Valognes on Yohji Yamamoto


"Here, I was inspired by the contrast between the top and bottom, and the oddity of the one sleeve doing it’s own thing independently from the rest of the top." – Marie Valognes on Vetements