Feb 16 2015

Plastic Anniversary

Gareth Pugh as one of the youngest designers in the fashion industry is celebrating his 10th year at London Fashion Week in collaboration with Melissa.

Heval Okçuoğlu

At the age of 14, Gareth Pugh started the business by creating costumes. Pugh continued his career in Paris and New York after moving from London where he started everything. He spent his last eight years away from his own country creating dynamic and futuristic pieces of fashion design. This February after a long period he returns to London Fashion Week to celebrate his 10th anniversary. Gareth defines London as ‘the place where everything begun’ and for this reason it is very meaningful to celebrate.

After a difficult startup, he created a different world for himself and become known with his theatrical designs. Usually he creates by using black, white colors and different materials. After garbage bags and PVC now it’s time for plastic.

‘Modern armour’

Pugh celebrates his 10th anniversary with an exhibition he creates with Melissa. The collection is described as ‘modern armour’ and a monochrome palette is used. Each look is completed with a Melissa shoe. This is not the first cooperation of Melissa and Gareth. In 2012 for his second runway show of Gareth used Melissa plastic boots and become sensational.

Pugh did the art directory of the exhibition at London Galleria Melissa himself. He created a setting that is suitable to the key parts of the collection. Black and white colors are used with geometrical shapes and lines. You can see the interesting pieces of fashion design until the end of May.