Aug 07 2015

She Past Away

The two man outfit settled in the underground culture of 30 years ago while growing up in today’s dark atmosphere and they’re expressing themselves in a way that caught Dior Homme’s attention!

Taner Turna

The number of our musically fertile country’s precious crops are raising slowly but surely. Although most local bands flourish in Ankara and İstanbul’s live music scene; She Past Away which grew in the shadows of the back yard, the situation is somewhat different.

Taking root in 80’s underground scene the five year old group from Bursa has managed to squeeze in two successful albums to their short career. Often performing abroad and finding a relatively wider recognition; the duo’s peak was playing their songs ‘Kasvetli Kutlama’ and ‘Ruh’ live to Dior Homme’s 2016 SS runway show envisaged by Kris Van Assche. Of course we couldn’t resist but ask a few questions to this unexpectedly dark and deep musicians.


How did She Past Away start? Is post punk and goth wave a musical period or is this your style which won’t change?

It’s not a period, we are making the music we love and we’re deeply rooted in our music. And it’s not just post punk when we say roots. We’re blending the general cult of the 80’s underground scene and our own spiritual world’s inspirations. The natural result of this blend is our music and our music is our identity.

Since your first performance at Peyote in 2010, you managed to squeeze in two albums. How do you feel about you musical career?

It’s a great deal of sacrifice to make music in Turkey. We could’ve produced even more music in five years but to be honest we’re happy with our achievements the way they are too. Frankly we’ve fulfilled a lot of our dreams and of course there’s more to do –such as releasing more albums and performing.

Your music and the image you’re projecting is late 70’s early 80’s. How do you feed yourselves musically and how much effect does the land you grew up in have on it?

We have many interactions/inspirations without limits. Of course the land we live on has a great deal of effect on us. We feed on darkness and Turkey is going through very dark times. You can also see this interaction in our lyrics. We’ve never thought of using motifs or musical elements from Turkey.

You have a long tour schedule ahead and will perform in different cities. Is there a particular city or venue you’re looking forward to? And which performance was your favorite?

We have gigs lined up in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil concerts, obviously places we’ve never played before. We cannot wait for it. No particular festival we’d like to play. Our favorite performances were last year’s Mexico gigs, the Enremuralhas Festival in Portugal and Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany which was our first concert abroad.

If you could make the soundtrack of a film which one would it be? Are there any artists that feed your soul?

If there were no limits, it would be amazing to play Bladerunner or Dario Argento’s Opera. We think our music is soundtrack material, two of our songs have been used in Turkish movies.

You played your songs ‘Kasvetli Kutlama’ and ‘Ruh’ live for Dior Homme’s 2016 SS runway show envisaged by Kris Van Assche. What’s the story behind that?

They mailed us to use ‘Kasvetli Kutlama’ and ‘Ruh’, we knew they were very selective with their music so we gladly accepted. Some people are surprised that Dior got in touch with us. This has to do with Europe’s entrenched subculture of darkwave and its subgenres. The people selecting the music for these shows now that this genre exists and they’re open to non-mainstream, different types of music. It’s pretty much the opposite of what happens in Turkey. But after the Dior performance Turkish listeners became more interested in us. We hope this interest helps creating a underground culture here.