Dec 25 2012

Store Aesthetics

The label of coveted items, Acne opens its first flagship store in Tokyo and carries Swedish aesthetic across continents.

Heval Okçuoğlu

The secret of the hip Swedish fashion house Acne’s aesthetic and label success lies in the same notion, never trying too hard. The label opened its first Tokyo flagship store and its first store launch in the entire continent of Asia last week, in a joint venture (JV) with Japanese fashion company Tomorrowland. The store is yet another example of how much the ambience of space matters for the label. The store is located in the Aoyama district in Tokyo and the decor of the interior is designed to resemble a clean, minimalistic modern Swedish home with pops of color translated to slate grays, cool blues and a set of pink chairs that find their way to everybody's wish list right about now. The space also includes an inviting open glass casing and a mix of hardwood and tile flooring and we won’t even get started with the clothes. The new Asia store is considered to be a massive milestone for the label that was found as an independent design house back in 1996.

To celebrate the beauty of the Acne’s hometown, the masterminds behind the label also decided to bring a little piece of Stockholm to Tokyo. A  limited edition scarf with iconic Stockholm motifs accompanied them for the  opening of the flagship store, making the Swede feel at home on the other side of the world. Combined with the massive global influence of Tokyo-based style, as well as the still-growing popularity of the Scandinavian label, it would also be nice to have Acne in Istanbul for another flagship home, don’t you think?