Nov 17 2015

Stones, LED and a Drum Machine

The developing sensor technology brings a lot of new objects producing sound. ‘Jamky & Light’ is one of them.

Taner Turna

DevKid, founded by graphic designer and visual artist Ján Šicko in 2009, is a company involved in many innovative projects. The post-digital drum machine called ‘Jamky’ is one of these projects. Created by Ján Šicko and electric engineer Roman Mackovič, Jamky is an 8x8 perforated platform creating an electronic circuit which is triggered by stones’ weight. You can simply create your own drum patterns by placing small stones into the grid. Get ready to jam!



Jamky & Light’ allows multiple performance experience; each different 64 sounds hit specific LEDs built into the room to run in a loop.  The brilliant project was also exhibited in Bielo Noc.