Dec 09 2013

The Journey of the Luxury

The women whose passion for jewelry has left its mark on the aesthetics of the centennial, are in ‘20th Century Jewelry and the Icons of Style’ with their stories.

Melda Göktuğ Şallı

Collecting of precious jewels has been an ambition seen worthy for royal families and emperors. But this refined occupation also had to have its share of the changes that history went through and after the First World War it moved from palaces to mansions, became the hobby of movie and stage stars, new generation of the riches. As fashion moved on and art deco began to rise, new trends influenced jewelry design and collector scene. Written by jewelry experts from Christie’s and Sotheby’s, Stefano Papi and Alexandra Rhodes; ‘20th Century Jewelry and the Icons of Style’ tells the story of jewelry’s journey through the stories of 11 amazing women. Covering spectacular images from their lives as well as the pieces in their collections, the women jewelry collectors are also style icons of their time: From the great dive Maria Callas to Countess Mona Bismarck, the Duchess of Windsor and the 1900s ‘it girl’ Daisy Fellowes, the trendsetters of the past shine on the pages of the book with their jewelry. An exciting read for both biography-lovers and those who are ready to get carried away with the magic of jewelry design.

20th Century Jewelry and the Icons of Style, Stefano Papi and Alexandra Rhodes, 35 Pounds, Thames & Hudson