Jan 26 2018
Göksu Gencay

Slash Architects

Projeleriyle dünyanın en prestijli mimarlık yarışmalarında üst üste kazandıkları ödüllerle bize büyük bir gurur yaşatan Slash Architects'in iki genç kurucusu Şule Ertürk Gaucher ve İpek Baycan ile konuştuk.

Jan 19 2018
Elif Bayram

Sarah Monk

Londra Sanat Fuarı Direktörü Sarah Monk ile bu seneki 30. Londra Sanat Fuarı, sanat fuarlarının bugünü ve geleceği üzerine konuştuk.

Nov 27 2017
Elif Bayram

Sahand Hesamiyan

Tahranlı sanatçı Sahand Hesamiyan ile BLOK art space Büyük Valide Han ve BLOK art space Çukurcuma'da eş zamanlı olarak devam eden Majaz sergisi üzerine konuştuk.

Nov 24 2017
Elif Bayram

Siv Jakobsen

29 Kasım akşamı IKSV Salon'da bizi Norveç'in dingin sularına götürecek olan Siv Jakobsen'la tanışın. Gri, yağmurlu ama güzel...

Nov 22 2017
Göksu Gencay


Akbank Caz Festivali kapsamında 16 Kasım Perşembe günü Babylon'da sahne alan ALA.NI ile müziğe, yolculuğa ve geleceğe dair konuştuk.

Nov 22 2017
Elif Bayram

Kathleen Whitaker

Los Angeles'lı tasarımcı Kathleen Whitaker'la eşsiz takılarının arkasındaki ilham kaynakları ve tasarım prensipleri üzerine konuştuk. Los Angeles'la ilgili birkaç tiyo almayı da ihmal etmedik tabii!

Sep 07 2017
Beril Şahin


Bu cumartesi günü Kilyos'taki Babyon Sound Garden festivalinde sahne alacak Kadebostany'nin kurucusu Guillaume Kadebostan ile yeni albümleri ve müzik tarzları hakkında sohbet ettik.

Aug 21 2017
Elif Bayram

5 Eylül'de Tamirane On an Island'da sahne alacak olan Ceylan Ertem ile sohbet ettik.

5 Eylül'de Tamirane On an Island'da sahne alacak olan Ceylan Ertem ile sohbet ettik.

Jul 31 2017
Beril Şahin

We Always Go For Quality and Not Quantity

We asked Yatzer's owner Costas Voyatzis about his success, travels and what it means to own a prestigious indie web site.

Jun 22 2017
Beril Şahin

We Know How To Have a Good Time, It’s in Our Blood

Turn your radio off and tune in to Offradio! Greek online radio station Offradio's founder Nikos Komninos and his team are answering our questions about music and Greek Culture.

May 16 2017
Elvin Vural

Canda Elgiz

Canda Elgiz ile Elgiz Koleksiyonu'nun detaylarını ve kendisinin koleksiyonerliğe bakışını konuştuk.

May 09 2017
Derya Gürsel

Lars Danielsson

Lars Danielsson

Apr 20 2017
Elvin Vural

Sırma Doruk ve Deniz Derin Akıncı

Sırma Doruk ve Deniz Derin Akıncı'nın eserlerinden oluşan Kapsama/Kavrama sergisini görmek için son 10 gün! Mixer'deki sergiyi sanatçılardan dinledik.

Apr 12 2017
Zeynep Erekli

Cem Yegül

Müzik, sanat, kültür, doğa ve açık hava etkinliklerini Kapadokya’nın büyüsüyle birleştiren Cappadox bu sene üçüncü kez düzenleniyor. Hayatlarımıza muazzam bir enerji ve tazelik getiren bu festival öncesinde sorularımızı Pozitif’in kurucu ortağı Cem Yegül yanıtladı.

Oct 28 2016
Buket Kıcıman

Andrés Jaque

How are the works positioned in 3. Istanbul Design Biennial and how was the exhibition assembled? The exhibition designer Andrés Jaque tells us about the most exciting event of Istanbul these days.

Oct 19 2016
Dilan Karadağ

Acid Pauli

Martin Gretschmann belongs to the 70’s Germany which is dominated by electronic and pop music sounds, and Gretschmann’s solo project Acid Pauili is once again in Istanbul.

Oct 12 2016
İlkin Kurt

Peter Drew

The Australian Street artist Peter Drew scans through the archives to emphasize the problems of asylum seekers and his creative project is caught by our radar.

Sep 27 2016
Itır Yıldız

Elif Uras Exhibition

We had a thriving conversation with the successful painter and ceramic artist Elif Uras whose masterpiece ‘Pregnant Haliç II’ has recently been included to the ‘Metropolitan Museum of Art’s permanent collection about her new exhibition ‘Hayal Meyal’ that will be displayed at Galerist until November 6.

Aug 31 2016
Itır Yıldız

Do Something For Nothing

#dosomethingfornothing is what we have loved the most among the hashtag world recently. We like to introduce you to the leader of this movement and tell his story. Joshua Coombes gives free haircuts to homeless people, and to him, we don’t need to change our lives completely in order to do something good for people.

Jul 28 2016
Zeynep Erekli

Adrien Gloaguen

Two elegant hotels at the heart of old Paris, and a young visionary, travel-lover hotelier.

May 24 2016
Su Sonia Herring

Oscar & The Wolf

We had a chat with Max Colombie ahead of his Babylon Soundgarden performance about his unique sense of style, whether it’s a good idea to meet your idols and more…

May 10 2016
Itır Yıldız

Life On Planets at Chill-Out

Here is one of the most energetic groups of Chill-Out Festival. They have been working on a few new steps, so you’d better get ready for dancing, too!

Apr 27 2016
Su Sonia Herring

Conrad Bodman’s Revolution

We’ve had an illuminating chat with the visionary curator as ‘Digital Revolution’ visits İstanbul.

Apr 26 2016
Itır Yıldız

Actor of the Year: İbrahim Selim

Ibrahim Selim, who received Afife Jale Theather Award 2016 for ‘The Best Actor’, has answered our questions about the play, ‘Nipple Jesus’.

Apr 19 2016
Su Sonia Herring

Azra Zeyrek

Managing the marketing of three different brands is a difficult job to say the least. But it is what Azra Zeyrek has been doing for years. We had chat about everything from creativity to fashion marketing in the age of social media.

Apr 11 2016
Zeynep Erekli

Three Blue Ducks

Three Blue Ducks is a small restaurant located up the hill from Bronte Beach in Sydney. Owned by a friendly bunch of guys who take both food and fun seriously, Three Blue Ducks offers some of the best food in town.

Mar 21 2016
Zeynep Erekli

Judith Neilson

Meet Judith Neilson and her extraordinary four-floor temple to 21st century Chinese art in Sydney.

Mar 07 2016
Şahin Çakıroğlu

Bone Presents: DSquared2

Grew up in Canada then moved to Milan, Dan and Dean Caten twin brothers tell 20 years of their career with their brand DSquared2, the brand which they have created through their tastes coming from all around the world.

Mar 03 2016
Itır Yıldız

Kelly Robinson

The offices she designs are technological, healthy, and playful. The SoundCloud Berlin office which has been widely featured on design websites so far has her signature on it.

Feb 24 2016
Itır Yıldız

Emika in İstanbul

Emika is on stage with her DJ set that smartly sways between minimal melodies and strong beats. We talked about her music and Berlin's underground nightlife culture.

Feb 16 2016
Nando Salvá

Benicio Del Toro

We've talked about Benicio del Toro's Oscar award winning movie Escobar, and his addiction to bad characters.

Jan 20 2016
Su Sonia Herring

Leila Alaoui: Art, Immigration and Identity

We remember talented photographer Leila Alaoui’s life and works in the wake of her untimely passing.

Jan 04 2016
Su Sonia Herring

What’s Cooking in Alancha?

We visited Kemal Demirasal, one of the brightest names of Turkey’s gastronomy scene in his kitchen and got to know him a bit better.

Jan 01 2016
Zeynep Erekli

Can Evrenol

This month, a very solid movie is added onto the literature of horror genre: Baskın. We talked with director Can Evrenol.

Dec 29 2015
Itır Yıldız

Christian Aarø Mortensen

To the famous restaurant manager and sommelier of Copenhagen, “it is the restaurateur’s personal vision of how a one-night beauty moment could be like; a pleasurable time gap where you forget all about the hustle and bustle of the everyday life.”

Nov 23 2015
Taner Turna


Her music is new, her voice is like an angel, and her album is very intimate. İstanbul’s independent music stage’s freshest voice Nilipek’s debut album ‘Sabah’ is on our radar.

Oct 27 2015
Itır Yıldız

Garance Doré

We love true stories of the great talents who have made their own ways. Garance Doré, the modest, fashion-forward, persevering French woman captivates us one more time with her brand-new book.

Oct 25 2015
Itır Yıldız

Murat Daltaban

Defining DOT as a “nomadic theater” Daltaban is one of the pioneers of a movement in Istanbul with the motto of “turn every single space into the place where you perform and tell stories”. The crew is meeting the new season at Kanyon, the 7th performance space.

Aug 31 2015
Zeynep Sağır

Adrián Villar Rojas

Here is a sculptor who is pushing the boundaries: Adrián Villar Rojas. We recorded his unique story and the process of his giant sculptures.

Aug 20 2015
Kültigin Kağan Akbulut

The 'Lost Shadows' of Turkey

An Interview with Vahap Avşar, about conceptual art and his recent exhibition at SALT Beyoğlu...

Aug 07 2015
Taner Turna

She Past Away

The two man outfit settled in the underground culture of 30 years ago while growing up in today’s dark atmosphere and they’re expressing themselves in a way that caught Dior Homme’s attention!

Aug 04 2015
Heval Okçuoğlu

Music Photographer Ebru Yıldız

The photographer travels to Istanbul to document Turkey's underappreciated music scene.

Jun 01 2015
Nando Salvá

Jennifer Connelly

Jeniffer Connelly's career is a big gallery of anguished women that now gets even bigger: she plays a widowed mother of two sons-turned-healer and cult figure in Peruvian director Claudia Llosa’s Aloft.

Apr 25 2015
Heval Okçuoğlu

Jean-Pierre Blanc

The director of Hyeres International Fashion and Photography festival brings young talents to spotlight every year.

Apr 08 2015
Su Sonia Herring

Luke Dale Roberts

The master chef of transforming unexpected flavors into exquisite dishes, we had a chat with the award winning, Cape Town based Luke Dale Roberts.

Apr 07 2015
Nando Salvá

Peter Greenaway

Combative, contradictory, disagreeable, creative… Peter Greenaway, the provocative British film director told Bone Magazine about his latest film which is screened at Istanbul Film Festival and his will of committing euthanasia.

Apr 03 2015
Nando Salvá

François Ozon

A talk with François Ozon on the joy of being different... The movie The New Girlfriend is one of the ambitious films of the 34th İstanbul Film Festival. We have interviewed the prolific filmmaker François Ozon.

Mar 30 2015
Heval Okçuoğlu

Thurston Moore

Sonic Youth's main man Thurston Moore visits Turkey for the first time with his solo project on April 22nd.

Mar 26 2015
Heval Okçuoğlu

Dave Harrington

One man instrumental army Dave Harrington talks about his various musical projects and influences.

Mar 10 2015
Nando Salvá

Abel Ferrara

Ferrara, recreating the last 72 hours in the life of Pasolini in his film which will come out on March 20 in Turkey talked to Bone Magazine at Venice Film Festival last September.

Feb 28 2015
Nando Salvá

Michael Keaton

The actor met with Bone Magazine long before Birdman’s triumphant journey, during last Venice Film Festival, to talk about pheasants, shopping malls and the importance of not taking oneself seriously.

Feb 23 2015
Lara Lakay

Pierre Jancou

Far from the cliche jackadandy atmosphere of Paris’ food scene, Heimat and it’s chef Pierre Jancou has a marginal and authentic presence.

Feb 10 2015
Nando Salvá

Mia Hansen-Love

Young director's film Eden which reminds us of wisdom reaped from failures and the hope found in others as well as within is some kind of an epic and gentle story.

Feb 06 2015
Zeynep Erekli

Ana Lily Amirpour

You just won a ticket to the fantastical world of director Ana Lily Amirpour with her new directorial debut A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

Feb 04 2015
Zeynep Erekli

Adam Katz Sinding

Coolest fashion icons of our age and dazzling models, recently want to ‘get spotted’ only by one person : Adam Katz Sinding. We had the chance to speak with this handsome young man about his life and his blog Le 21ème, where he combines fashion and street style photography with the true spirit.

Jan 28 2015
Nando Salvá

Pedro Costa

"I don’t want my cinema to be intellectual: I want it to be useful, and such cinema hardly exists anymore."

Jan 28 2015
Kültigin Kağan Akbulut

Murat Palta

Known with cult movie posters with miniature technic, Murat Palta shapes in flesh and bones with solo exhibition after online popularity.

Jan 13 2015
Heval Okçuoğlu

Jesse Frohman

Photographer Jesse Frohman is the name behind the iconic photo shoot that immortalized the last days of Kurt Cobain.

Jan 10 2015
Ayşin İldeş

Kostis Fokas

According to Fokas, anything related to reality is boring so he likes to shoot that is out of the ordinary.

Dec 03 2014
Zeynep Erekli


The new project of the edgy, contemporary, independent theatre company Biriken is inspired by Chekhov and Suvorin’s eponymous plays, Tatyana Repina.

Nov 19 2014
Zeynep Erekli

Ali Elmacı

In the portraits of the artist, what is attractive and repellent, sincere and malicious, natural and artificial, divine and kitsch are together in their all intensity.

Nov 03 2014
Melda Göktuğ Şallı

Francis Kurkdjian

The founder of Maison Francis Kurkdjian addresses the need to ‘take pleasure’ in the heart of perfume and style.

Oct 23 2014
Zeynep Erekli

Cevdet Erek

An artist on the run and places with sounds and rhythms.

Sep 05 2014
Zeynep Erekli

Jean-Thierry Besins

A glamorous name from Monaco, Jean-Thierry Besins is under the spotlight these days not only with his photos of royal family but also with his jewelry brand Bulliony.

Jun 18 2014
Heval Okçuoğlu

Bompass & Parr

Meet Sam Bompass and Harry Parr, one of the most unique and dynamic duo of the gastronomy universe. The duo sticks to their unparalleled passion and mission for the last seven years; assembling the obsession of their life, jelly with fantasies and extraordinary scenarios.

May 30 2014
Damla Kellecioğlu

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Dancer and choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, tells about his journey to discover tango.

Apr 11 2014
Nando Salvá

Tsai Ming-liang

The Taiwanese master Tsai Ming-liang’s latest film Stray Dogs offers a meditative and touching-case of slow cinema.

Apr 04 2014
Lara Ögel

Haunting Glyphs

An interview with Tristan Bera, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Charles Arsene-Henry on Protocinema’s new project Diner Noire and The Library is on Fire 1(c): Haunting Glyphs.

Mar 07 2014
Lara Ögel

Charles Atlas

Video artist, director, lighting, set and costume designer Charles Atlas, adopts a different point of view towards technology and art with his large-scale installations.

Feb 13 2014
Nando Salvá

Jonathan Glazer

Jonathan Glazer’s ‘Under the Skin’ tells the story of an alien, embodied to perfection by Scarlett Johansson. Director of this challenging film is in our spot-light.

Jan 21 2014
Itır Yıldız


IRWIN, a collective of Slovenian artists who rebuilds themes over different political and artistic ideologies is hosted by Rampa İstanbul due to their exhibition ‘The Uninterrupted Production of the Object’.

Dec 27 2013
Heval Okçuoğlu

Köken Ergun

Fragments from the point where art meets daily life and identities meet collectivism, turn into inspiring video works in Köken Ergun’s hands.

Dec 07 2013
Zeynep Erekli

Henrik Vibskov

Meet the 'enfant terrible' of European fashion.

Nov 27 2013
Itır Yıldız

Paolo Terenzi

Tiziana Terenzi, Italian perfumery brand, launches two new fragrances to its collection inspired by fire. We talked to Paolo Terenzi, expert at perfumery and president of the brand.

Nov 25 2013
Melda Göktuğ Şallı

Lydia Courteille

Inspired by history and nature, jewelry designer Lydia Courteille signs for collections at fashion shows in Paris.

Jun 13 2013
Sara Şensoy

Gary Card

He studied theatre design, and now vivid characters and objects of his contribute a different taste to the world of fashion.

Jun 04 2013
Heval Okçuoğlu


Discussing underground dinner parties, art of eating and contemporary food trends with Los Angeles chef Craig ‘wolvesmouth’ Thornton.

May 07 2013
Heval Okçuoğlu

Johan Lindeberg

On wardrobe staples, creative expressions of individuality and inspiration with BLK DNM mastermind Johan Lindeberg.

Apr 01 2013
Sara Şensoy

Craig Green

The brief career of Craig Green who graduated from college just last year, is full of awards and praise.

Mar 11 2013
Heval Okçuoğlu

Flat Apartment

Young designers from Korea, Kyungee Seo and Kwangsub Yie created an accessory brand of superior quality, Flat Apartment. Meet fashion's one of the most avantgarde new talents.

Dec 05 2012
Zeynep Erekli

Jean-Paul Goude

A lively and inspiring interview with Jean-Paul Goude; the genius photographer and director who identified the visual culture of an era and fashion through his works in the 70s and 80s.

Nov 30 2012
Zeynep Erekli

Diane Pernet

Meet one of the most interesting and influential figures in the world of fashion.

Nov 26 2012
Sıla Güven

Maryam Keyhani

Toronto based jewelry designer Maryam Keyhani, uses her art background to create timeless pieces.

Nov 15 2012
Heval Okçuoğlu

M/M Paris

Experimenting beyond the limits of art direction within a multi disciplinary mindset that underpins art, fashion and music, M/M Paris carries the notion of creative direction to new dimensions.

Oct 22 2012
Zeynep Erekli

Gavin Turk

Rising to prominence in the early 90s during the so-called ‘Young British Artists’ phenomenon, contemporary artist Gavin Turk's first solo show in Istanbul carried his latest works of seven years period.

Sep 06 2012
Arda Savcı

Jean-Marc Gady

So far Jean-Marc Gady has collaborated with almost all the luxury brands in France. His portfolio covers all aspects of life with everything from vases to flagship stores, chairs to lighting fixtures.

Aug 15 2012
Zeynep Erekli

René Habermacher

Here is a truly free spirit: René Habermacher. The Swiss-born photographer does highly creative and striking work for various magazines and fashion houses...

Sep 12 2011
Buğu Melis Çağlayan

Walter Van Beirendonck

Welcome to the creative world of Walter Van Beirendonck who has made a breakthrough with his shocking, amusing and daring designs.

Jun 22 2011
Buğu Melis Çağlayan

Tomasz Donocik

The designer behind the statuesque jewelry and accessories.

Oct 26 2009
Damla Kürklü

Erwin Olaf

Playing with the boundaries of imagination and audacity in his photographs, Erwin Olaf has a characteristic style evident in not only his personal works but also in his collaborations with brands such as Microsoft, Nokia, Levi’s and Lavazza.

Oct 02 2009
Arda Savcı

Ted Noten

Dutch designer Ted Noten draws inspiration from everyday life and passion, to create unique and wacky jewelry.

Sep 10 2009
Arda Savcı

Ümit Benan

The young designer, is causing commotion in the world of menswear with the brand he created at the start of 2009, ‘Umit Benan’ in Milan.

Sep 09 2009
Arda Savcı

Bora Aksu

From Turkey to Britain, from music to cinema, here comes one of the most influential designers of our age.

Aug 18 2009
Arda Savcı

Marc Newson

Renowned for his futuristic and fun designs, Marc Newson’s portfolio covers different products from private jets to bottle openers, Nike shoes to SMEG ovens.

Jun 13 2009
Arda Savcı

Todd Selby

American photographer Todd Selby started professional photography seven years ago and captured many famous names for magazines and newspapers.

May 05 2009
Arda Savcı

Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma, famous for his buildings intertwined with nature designed using raw materials, is adding a modern touch to the Japanese architectural tradition.

Feb 09 2009
Arda Savcı

Campana Brothers

Brazilian designers Campana Brothers have taken center stage with their unique and environmentally conscious designs.

Dec 02 2008
Arda Savcı

Mary Katrantzou

Katrantzou optically deceptive patterns and images, taken from art history, carry a certain 70’s flair and consist of perfectly proportioned dresses.

Oct 13 2008
Arda Savcı

Josep Font

Spanish fashion’s wonder man Josep Font redefines haute couture with his touch of poetry, romance, and fantasy.

Oct 09 2008
Itır Yıldız

Ron Arad

There is no doubt Ron Arad's multicultural life is his biggest asset. One of the world’s leading industrial designers, Arad has us convinced that he has found the secret to immortality.

Jun 26 2008
Arda Savcı

Sandra Backlund

Swedish designer Sandra Backlund’s garments, made from different materials and artisanal techniques, question the modern fashion industry.

Jun 10 2008
Arda Savcı

Juergen Teller

We’re not looking at a regular photographer, but a master, who has managed to turn the fashion world's glamour and splendor inside out.

Jan 16 2007
Berra Yurtman

Maarten Baas

After making a name for himself with the designs he made by burning second hand and Ikea furniture, Marteen Baas was also acknowledged for his chairs made of clay.